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We are walking onto unknown paths – NEW GROUND!
We are not alone – ONE CROWD!
We are called to overcome – NO BORDERS!

And we’re looking for YOU to bring this topic to life in the workshops!

Whether you look into it from a theological/Christian/philosophical perspective, offer lifestyle support, want to express yourself critical of society or stiring creativity and what have you … go crazy. Make new ground, have no borders and be one crowd with us!

Workshops are a seminar (more like a talk), interaction (more a smaller talk & exchange) or practical (do something practical) – Take your pick. I can’t wait to hear from you! And I am not alone…

You’re going to light up NEW GROUND, ONE CROWD, NO BORDERS. Are you taking charge of the fire? Then please contact us here.

Here you can find further infos about the Freakstock motto 2015.

Deadline is April 30th 2015.

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NEW GROUND – information for families

Dear families and other Freaks,

In the last few years the freaks movement has been visibly growing from the bottom up. Many small and bigger children are enriching our living together, our services and with that, all of Freakstock as well. We have put in a lot of work in the last few years to keep up with this development, have expanded the original child care offer by Kidzstock, the Babyhanghout and Limitbreaker and invested into the personal and financial equipment of those areas.
The relaxed accommodation in rooms we were able to provide for you in Borgentreich will not be realisable like this in Allstedt (see post NEW GROUND – AIRFIELD ALLSTEDT).

So especially for the families among us, a lot about Freakstock will be new ground this year. That’s why we want to give you information about the grounds as early as possible which will be especially important for the families, since families often have to plan ahead a bit more long term.

– There will be a camping area for families which will be separate from the other campers and relatively close to the entrance of the grounds. Close by will be the kitchen and the child care area so that both locations will be easily accessible for you. Adjacent to the family camping area on the way to the grounds will be the big area where families with caravans etc. will be able to stand, then there will be the area for vehicles of “non-families” and then the event locations from where you can then go across to the “normal” camping grounds.

– If you don’t have any camping experience with your children, you might want to test it at home in the garden, in the living room or something similar and if possible borrow a caravan, a mobile home or a bigger car where uneasy children can sleep with one adult or something like that, so that you are well prepared. Since renting one won’t be that cheap it will make sense to ask around in your extended family or circle of friends where you might be able to borrow something like that or reserve a cheap vehicle with an agency before they are gone.

– We will ensure that you will have a central location in the family camping area where you can get and heat up water, charge your devices, change and feed children, etc.

– The distance between the camping area and the other locations is about 600 metres (about the same distance as between the Check in and the camping area in Borgentreich). It can take quite a bit of time if you go back and forth a few times a day. So maybe bring pushcarts, bike trailer, bicycles or something similar, so that it will be faster with the little ones. In contrast to Borgentreich the ground will be even, so that it will be more comfortable to get around.

– Please bring pavilions and seats that you can sit together with other parents, so that parents who have to watch the children at night and can not join the hustle and bustle won’t be bored. Maybe you feel like having your own bar in the camping area? We’ll happily deliver Freakstock drinks to you.

– As a general rule: you’re very welcome to bring swing sets, trampolines, slides, etc. as far as your car allows so that you can build little play corners in the camping area (this could be nice especially for children who like to wake up early) Be creative! Maybe you fancy a fire place, maybe you want to build an area with lots of hammocks…

– Freakstock has quite some possibilities and is happy to support you. If you want to build bigger things or need bigger things for what you want to build, please let us know in advance as otherwise we might not be able to get it in time since we have a lot to do in a lot of different places in this first year.

For any questions or further ideas, please get in touch with If anyone wants to take charge of the coordination and organisation of the family camping area at Freakstock who will arrive for the build up and wants to give it their best, please also contact us. It would be great if one person or a team would feel in charge.

Until Freakstock, your Dreamteam

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Hey Freakstocker,

In the last few days you were already able to gather first impressions on what the new ground looks like. Here now a few background infos:

1. Why are we not in Borgentreich anymore?
The premises in Borgentreich have been converted to a facility for refugees and asylum seeking people. We wish them that they will be able to feel at home in Borgentreich the same way we have and that they have a good start in Germany.

2. Why Allstedt?
After the good experience with the barracks we were looking for similar facilities. This was extremly difficult since grounds with buildings are very rare (whoever owns a ground with buildings uses those and doesn’t leave them standing vacant so that we can find accommodation there once a year). Also it was important to us that the ground would be located as central as possible. Allstedt is very central and has many shelters where the well-known locations and areas can be placed. We are happy that God also confirmed through independent impressions that we’re in the right place here.

3. What’s exiting and new?
The airfield Allstedt is a great nature-orientated facility which is full of possibilities. We’ll be able to dream up and realise many exciting ideas. There is a great amount of space and different locations. As always, we are curious which new ideas you’ll bring in.

Get invovled and make Freakstock your festival!

4. What’s important?
We know that anything new always brings uncertainty. Be assured that we are in conversation with a lot of people to organise Freakstock as well as possible for everyone and incorporate all kinds of different requirements (a post especially for families will follow in the next few days).

You see, it is new ground time and we’re itching to get going and shape it. Get involved, dream with us and be excited!

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newgroud teaser
new ground

The Jesus Freaks and consequently Freakstock are currently in a process: In 2013 the topic for the year “Change(d)” hit the nail on the head for a lot of us. God kicked off changes in our lives and our movement and invited us anew to let Him work on us. In 2014 we already knew that He was leading us into new more specific ground. We had to be brave, leave long standing things behind and set out into unknown grounds. In 2015 this will become even more concrete. The new grounds are becoming visible. It is in front of us and we have taken the first steps into it even though a lot of it is still unfamiliar. There is still a lot to discover of what God has in store for us. But there are 2 things on our way this year that we can know:

one crowd

We’re not just on this path with God, we’re also on it together. Years ago we reviewed the situation and realised how far apart we had drifted from each other and how close we still felt. A poem from back then summarised this feeling:

We’re living lives apart: In big cities and one-horse towns, are 40 and 14, wearing studded wristbands and suits, patent leather shoes and sneakers.
We’re listening to hard-core and classic, are driving Benz and bus, are sitting in executive chairs and are queuing in job centre queues.
We have PhDs and criminal records, believe in anarchy and vote conservative.
We’re living lives apart but we carry one name, dream one dream, share one history!
Is what‘s connecting us stronger than what’s separating us?

Today we can say: Yes, what’s connecting us is stronger than our differences. Maybe we can even say by now that our differences are making us strong because they let us recognise how God makes us complement each other, how we can see things in each other that we would have been blind to otherwise and how we can, together, grasp more and more of how God is.
We are a unity before God. Every single one of us is an essential part in our movement. God created us as a total work of art that only works if all of us are filling it with life, together. And He wants life. He has life in abundance for us and wants us to let it flow out. Because…

no borders

with God there are no borders. Where our imagination ends God only starts to dream. We are called to freedom in God! Freedom that we can live! Freedom that we are supposed to tell others about! Freedom that we’re supposed to make possible for others who are captured in internal or external barriers. Because we overcome all borders through the one who loves us. The new land that God is leading us into is a land of freedom.


We’re walking into the unknown – NEW GROUND!
We’re not alone – ONE CROWD!
We’re called to overcome – NO BORDERS!

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