Freakstock 2016 – Worshippers wanted

Dear Worshipers,

also for Freakstock 2016 we are searching for Worship-Bands. Till February the 14th 2016 you have the chance to send your application by e-mail at

What we need from you:

Band description: name, members, formation, instruments (Technical Rider – appendix)
Sample/ your style: MP3 (if possible online), link to your homepage, youtube, soundcloud, etc. / What kind of songs do you usually play? (own songs, Jesus-Freak Songs, Hillsongs, etc.)
History: What on stage experience do you have? (where, when, how often?) Why do you worship? What do you love about worship?
Organization: What would be your favourite worship time? (dates) What would be your least favourite?
Website/ App: Your Band Picture in 800x533px, Band Genre, Band Description in English and German.

We’re looking forward to your applications!

Lina & Stephan for the Freakstock-Lobpreisbooking-Team

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What’s Freakstock for you?

Experience Jesus, meet my “family”, cheering my passion, hang out people, gain new insights, take old objects back into view, start things, being amazed, dance, dream, live …

Freakstock is all that! For 20 years, we are preparing this free space in front of all of us, which allows us to be changed and blessed.

Freakstock is our passion and our inspiration. Even after 20 years we still have new ideas and hear God whisper softly:
Look, there something is happening … be couraged, because we do something …

At the end of the year, we sit together, having phone conferences, email and breed new ideas for the summer. Sometimes we feel queasy, sometimes we consider it is all unrealistic, but then we must remember that we are not alone. Freakstock: This is God’s idea. Freakstock: We all are.

This year there is a gap between what we want to implement and the financial resources that we have. For the last year has quite devoured our reserves. Do not worry, Freakstock will take place in any case and it is definitely good. But if you like to support us, so we can go a few steps further, to transpose some ideas to be able to realize a few dreams, we really appreciate it!

Nice that you’re here!

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The well is dead, long live plan B

A location with little infrastructure is a challenge! We are aware of this …
In recent weeks we made calls, wrote requests, got informed about regulations, talked with offices, made field visits and even commissioned a company to spend a week drilling a very, very, very deep hole all in the hopes of providing an on site water supply.


Unfortunately, we have now come to the point where we can no longer continue drilling – having still not found water. This is (a shame/crap/grim)(you choose), we are disappointed and a bit angry that we can’t surprise you in the way we had planned to.

Don’t panic though, here are the facts & plans for this year:

– Carbonated water will be available in bottles at a low price.
– The kitchen will not be left high & dry but will, of course, be supplied with drinking water.
– The troughs used for general washing will have water tanks which will be refilled regularly.

No one needs to go thirsty, food will be prepared properly and hygienically & you can wash if you get dirty.

Other things you can do:

– Anyone who wants to swim can go to the pool in Allstedt, less than 10 minutes away by car. A ticket costs 3€, 1€ after 6p.m.
– Anyone who wants to take a shower can bring a solar shower or a canister to hang in a tree.
– Drivers of caravans and motorhomes, fill your water tanks at home and try to bring other filled containers.

Our recommendation: Bring along your swim wear so you can use the washing troughs or visit the outdoor pool in Allstedt As already mentioned, you can build a shower by yourself, if you want to.

Our new plan means we now need an HGV(heavy goods vehicle) driver who is licenced to drive a tanker. Get in touch via


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(Deutsch) Gewinne zwei Freakstock Tickets!

Dieses Gewinnspiel wird veranstaltet von

Jesus Freaks Deutschland e.V.
Yorckstraße 50
34123 Kassel
(# durch @ ersetzen)

Das Gewinnspiel wird veranstaltet vom 01.07.2015 bis 19.07.2015, die Ermittlung der Gewinner findet in der folgenden Woche statt.

Zum Modus:

1. Das Wichtigste zuerst, es gibt 2x freien Freakstock Eintritt für je 2 Personen zu gewinnen.

2. Wir suchen dein Foto, welches Freakstock perfekt beschreibt inklusive deiner Geschichte, warum dies so ist.

3. Poste dieses öffentlich mit dem Hashtag #freakstock auf Facebook.

4. Fotos, welche nicht öffentlich und nicht mit dem Hashtag #freakstock gepostet werden, nehmen leider nicht teil, da wir diese nicht ausfindig machen können.

5. Die Fotos werden von mehreren unabhängigen Personen gesichtet, jede dieser Personen trifft eine Vorauswahl von 10 Fotos. Fotos, welche mindestens zwei Mal positiv bewertet wurden kommen in den Lostopf. Anschließend werden aus diesem die beiden Gewinner gezogen.

6. Abschließend werden wir die Gewinner/innen per Nachricht kontaktieren und diese Namen auch öffentlich bekannt geben.

7. Wir als Gewinnspielveranstalter behalten uns vor das Gewinnspiel abzubrechen. Zudem werden Fotos mit unerwünschten Darstellungen, die den Jesus Freaks widersprechen, rechtsradikal oder auch gewaltverherrlichend sind, vom Gewinnspiel ausgeschlossen.


1. Teilnahmeberechtigt ist jede Person die über 18 Jahre alt ist.

2. Wir behalten uns vor Fotos, welche am Gewinnspiel teilgenommen haben in Folge auf der Webseite oder den bekannten Social Media Kanälen zu verwenden.

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The dream of Santiago de Kompostella


Hey Freaks,

this year we want to build composting toilets instead of portable ones. If you want to help us, you can donate for it at Betterplace.

To realize this eco-friendly plan, we need 5000 Euros.

Thank you in advance!

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