Freakstock Staff Registration Online

Staff registration for Freakstock 2016 is now online!!!
Follow the link below, fill in your details and send them to us.
“WELCOME HOME” and be a part of the incredible Freakstock family!

Staff Registration Freakstock 2016

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Ticket Presale

Hey Freakstocker,

our ticket presale begins in a few days. Some things will change this year.

For over 10 years we were able to keep the ticket price constant, but due to risen costs, that won’t be possible in 2016 and we have to raise the price by 10€. Current prices can be seen here.

But we have good news as well:

We changed out ticket system. You can order online and print your ticket at home. It will be scanned at your car and you can drive through to the camping space. You safe time but also money.
There are no more shipping cost and the booking fee drops from 5€ to 3.50€. This balances a part of the raise.

The family tickets One&All and Two&All can be bought in advance for the first time. So no more standing in line with your kids in the sun. Yippee!

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Welcome Home!

We are looking for you to offer workshops that fill the slogan with life.

What is home? How can you build a home? What can you do when your home is in shambles? What does it mean when God invites us into his home? What can be home in times of flight? How can you offer home? What do and don`t kids need to have a good home? How can we spread the feeling of being home?

You can tackle the topic theologically, philosophically, from a Christian perspective, you can offer self-help, voice social criticism, be creative… andsoonandon. Go crazy!

A workshop can be a seminar (more like a lecture), interaction (short talk and discussion) or practical (create stuff or be active together) – you choose. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sign up by 30.4. at:

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Freakstock 2016 – and where am I?

Freakstock found its new home in Allstedt and we also greet you in 2016 with the freakstock slogan: Welcome home!

Together we want to build our Freakstock-home, want to experience God, want to party and leave enriched.

As every year there are possibilities to participate:

– You can perform or exhibit at Artland: sign up by 09.05.
– You can offer a workshop, sign up by 30.4.
– Or you sign up for one of the many different staff areas at Freakstock, sign up by 30.6.
– You can run a food stand (if you know what you are doing)
sign up by 30.6.
– You can sell selfmade goods:
sign up by 30.6.
– Our just come. You can get your tickets at Kultshop. All special tickets like those for families, for handicapped, social tickets or day passes can be bought at the check in.

We are looking forward to see you back home!

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Welcome Home

If you ask people why they come to freakstock, they might say:

I found a home here!
This feels like family!
Here, I feel accepted!

The heart of our home is Jesus. We were created as Gods counterparts and feel restless until we meet him and come into his home.

The gift of that home is not a given. Many people in our society yearn to find a place that feels like home, and desperately search for it somewhere, somehow. Some things actually look good or give a feeling of safisfaction, such as success, family life, commitment to noble ideas… but the last bit is missing. We can’t create the home we long for. We can only accept it over and over again. It is given to us.

To be without a home can put you into turmoil. The despair it creates can become exhausting – for yourself and others. Great good can come from having a home. Here you can find reflief, here you can stand firmly to face new challenges and watch Gods plans unfold.

Let us spread that home this year. Let us be a living invitation for a life with God. Let us build open, welcoming churches, which make it easy to get to know Jesus. Let us open up our houses and our hearts to invite others to be at home.

The invitation stands for us as well: Come Home! No matter where you have been roaming, no matter what you`ve searched for or tried, the doors are open. Be encouraged to open your heart anew and let God in, so that he might give you a home.

In this regard: Welcome Home!

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