Reaching for the stars and crashing pilots

Thoughts about this year’s topic

What Do you know about the first flying machines? I am fascinated by these machines. Since an early age I have enjoyed watching black and white films about man’s first flights. The weird flying machines in these movies jumped, steamed upwards and sometimes only managed to get a few meters from the ground. Most of them however, landed abruptly, often breaking.
No risk seemed too big for those daredevil men and women in these flying boxes. They threw themselves down  hillsides in these machines, let themselves be pulled up into the air and shaken around. Even after the biggest crash they were still gleaming  at the thought  of having left the ground.

The pioneers of aviation  had only one goal: they wanted to fly. They invested all their imagination and energy into getting that little bit closer to the stars. They challenged the laws of gravity and often lost the fight. But in the end all the failed attempts contributed to the result that man could  one day fly.
People who follow their desires develop strengths that should not be subdued. Everything seems possible. The pioneering spirit forges ahead and conquers worlds that were previously unreachable.

When I think about this year’s topic I  desire to feel this strength within me. It’s the passion for God: the basics of Freakstock, the pioneering spirit of the Freakstockers. God’s spirit sparks off the fantasy and energy of our faith. He moves us to look for new ways into his presence and to carry others along who haven’t found the way, yet.
He’s developing the visitors of Freakstock into builders who are just as crazy as the pioneers of aviation. We are trying weird things in order to reach for the stars. Sometimes however, we ignore the laws of aerodynamics and we crash – just like the crashing pilots. But that’s not a bad thing. It would be worse  to have never tried.

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